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Gary Annett

Inspiring black & white architecture photography by Gary Annett.

Check out iGNANT for more lovely shots.

Cut Brooklyn

I instantly loved this video because of its cinematography and way of telling an interesting story. Make sure to check out the first video from Made by Hand while you’re at it.

The video made me think of and rewatch this video:

The Shrine / An Argument

Made by Sean Pecknold, brother to Robin Pecknold, lead singer in Fleet Foxes. Song from the album ‘Helplesness Blues’ by Fleet Foxes. Go check out Sean, he has made some amazing stuff!

Kickstarter and the WINGStand project

I’ve been fascinated by the concept of Kickstarter ever since I first discovered it a while ago. I’ve read many amazing stories of small projects and ideas that get overwhelming support from people who like what they see. If you don’t know Kickstarter you ought to check it out immediately since there’s so many cool projects, and maybe there’s something there you’ll really like. Today I found one.

Daniel Haarburger is a Stanford University student and he has developed a product called the WINGStand and it looks great! He set a goal to get backing of $9,500 and as I write this the total backing is close to $40,000. His case is not unique, and a lot of many projects are discovered, hyped and backed by the community. I admire Kickstarter for creating this platform where creative people can reach out and seek for financial aid to support an idea.

So go ahead, chip in and help people create stuff. If you find something you think is cool, you don’t even have to pledge more than $1. Personally I find the WINGStand amazing, so I made sure to back the project with enough $$ to get a stand myself.

The Story of the WINGStand from Wing Stand on Vimeo.

Via Minimal Mac.

Graffiti Meets Hackers

Graffiti Markup Language (.gml) is a universal, XML-based, open file format designed to store graffiti motion data (x coordinates, y coordinates and time). The format is designed to maximize readability and ease of implementation for even hobbyist programmers, artists and graffiti writers. (…)