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Bag Nummeret

Bag Nummeret-banner

A couple of months ago, me and two friends launched a music site called Bag Nummeret (“Behind the song” directly translated into English). The concept is pretty straightforward: we interview an artist and focus on one of his/her/their songs, and only one. It’s not a talk about the artist in general, an upcoming album or anything you might read elsewhere – we focus on one specific song and that’s it.

We post a new interview every Monday and the song in question is always available as a stream together with the interview.

The plan is to launch an English version of the site pretty soon so we can reach a larger audience, give Danish artists some international exposure and also get international artists the possibility to get really nerdy with us and talk about one song, and one song only.

Go ahead and visit our website, our Facebook page and Twitter stream. Tak!

De færdige visitkort ligger til tørre

Creatives wanted for Pecha Kucha events in Aalborg

Throughout 2012 I’ll be working with Pecha Kucha Nights in Aalborg and Pecha Kucha events in Northern Jutland. It’ll be the 7th and 8th Pecha Kucha event in Aalborg and about 60 people have already presented ideas and projects around town. The dates are March 6 and June 12, both events will be at Huset in Hasserisgade and we’re looking for participants. Only a few more needed to fill the slots for March 6h, but there’s still plenty of room for presenters for June 12. Both Danish and English speaking presenters are welcome.

You can read more about the Pecha Kucha presentation format at the official website and more specifically about the Aalborg events at Huset’s website.

Pecha Kucha in Northern Jutland
Besides the two Pecha Kucha Nights in Aalborg, I’ll also be helping out and documenting a tour of Pecha Kucha events throughout the northern part of Jutland. Huset’s Pecha Kucha organiser, Annette Scheibel, is the main coordinator of this tour and I’ll tag along with my camera.

So far the following dates are in place:

  • March 14 at Café Bio in Lønstrup
  • April 17 at Kinorevyen in Skørping
  • May 23 at Mygdalhus in Mygdal

I’ll update the list as more dates are added. We hope there’s enough support around Northern Jutland for about 8-10 events in 2012.

Your help is needed
If you want to present at any of these events (in Aalborg or around Northern Jutland – or both) please let me know! We are also looking for people to help organising Pecha Kucha events in their local communities throughout Northern Jutland. In any case, please get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you out there!

PechaKucha Night #3
Photo: Rasmus Nautrup

Post Cirque de Musique

Cirque de Musique

Over the past weeks, I’ve worked with a bunch of my old photos of a friend of mine, the brazilian modern dancer Sandro Masai in order to produce 14 short films to display during two classical concerts in Århus and Aalborg respectively. Each film was made of two copies of the same photo, one in a black & white state, another in a very colorful and dynamic state. In Final Cut Pro I created a transition between the two photos and matched the length of the film with the movement it had to accompany. In its essence a very simple process, but I sure did put a lot of hours into the color-processing and not to forget the selection of the photos.

I was really surprised with how well the outcome transferred onto the big big screens – especially in Aalborg (Nordkraft – the photo above) the photos came to live (literally). That screen was handmade from the canvas of an old cinema screen and build for the occasion. It has been fun reviewing a lot of old work and putting it up against another expression of art.

Labelkollektiv Distribution Moving To Copenhagen

Labekollektiv Distribution

Today Labelkollektiv Distribution had a final sale before moving all of the stock to Copenhagen. Some friends stopped by a did a bit of Friday afternoon shopping, drank a cup of coffee and had a piece of cake. I have been involved with Labelkollektiv for a couple of years, working in the distribution part of the project, so I’m of course a bit sad and will miss the good times distributing music and talking on the phone to record shop owners. I’m however happy that nice Copenhageners will take the project further and nurture it to grow even bigger.

Aalborg – Jeg Elsker Dig video

Yesterday I edited this short video with bits of film I’ve recorded from the “Aalborg – Jeg Elsker Dig” play currently running at Transformator.

Transformator’s website.