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Andreas Jebro

A couple of photos from a recent photo session with actor Andreas Jebro, who needed some new photos for his portfolio.



Transformator, 11.02.2010

- this time with a bit of text.

Customize Transformator feat. Rosa Lux+Witzansky

Customize Transformator feat. Rosa Lux+Witzansky

14.01.2010 at Transformator, Aalborg

Last week and photos

The beginning of the 9th semester, launching What’s Aalborg? and making sure that all the buddies and international students got along great on the 1st of September postponed the uploading of the pictures I went to shoot during the week.

Actually, the first set of photos are from the weekend before last week, but involved both “Chill i parken” (a sort casual, laid back event in the western part of Aalborg by the old BMX tracks) and the final party of the week-long visual arts festival Liquid Borderland at Platform4 by the harbour in the eastern part of town.

Liquid Borderland
See more photos from “Chill i parken” and Liquid Borderland here.

Thursday last week, I was invited to the opening of Transformator’s third season and shot some photos of “3. stop fra Gug” and the rapper Luxshan. It was a great evening and I really look forward to the complete transformation of that place.

Transformator Opening Night // Season 3 // 3. Stop fra Gug

The two sets of photos are also online at nitusind.nu here and here.

Busy times, time’s busy. I’m glad you still have time to check out some of my work. I just about to head to Vesteraa for a night of DJ clubbing and the Miller Floor Control contest. Will post a links for some photos when I get them processed in the coming days!


Tonight’s opening night of 23:40 at Transformator was a blast! Those guys really know they way around improv acting! I shot some photos and you can check them out at nitusind.nu and my Flickr photostream.